Ecidnac (diafae) wrote in greentoronto,

Dispose, donate? What do you do with cosmetic/hygenic products you no longer want?


Does anyone know what you can do with cosmetic/hygenic products one no longer uses such as part bottles of shampoo, moisturizer, bath suds and the like?

I'm phasing out the use of personal care products with moderate and high levels of toxicity (products containing phalates, chemical fragrance, etc.). Some of them that I know I'm never going to use again I just put in a bag to go...where?

Can I donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill?

Pawning them off on people isn't going to work.

Am I going to have to pour out the contents in the garbage or sink and recycle the bottles? That's the option I'm trying to avoid seeing as I consider these products too toxic to use on myself any lonnger, how can I "release them into the wild"? Don't question the hypocrisy of me wanting other people to have them absorbed into their blood stream.

Any ideas???
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