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Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - tomorrow.

Sorry, this is a little late for notice, but tomorrow if you're looking for something to do, come out to Tommy Thompson Park for the cleanup, planned from 10am - whenever.

Here are the details:

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is an annual event aimed at increasing awareness of the ecological importance/ sensitivities of shorelines across the country as well as physically removing debris that can kill wildlife. More info:

Whether you can make it out to the event below or not, I encourage you to search out the events map on the website above and join a group in your area OR simply tidy up a bit of shoreline (ocean, lake, river, creek, whatever) in your area. This is the second larges clean up of almost 90 participating countries in the world. Last year, the cleanup removed 84,708 kg of shoreline litter from 966 sites across Canada. Items removed have included BBQ’s (14 in 06), Celine Dion CDs, an entire living room set, a gun barrel, an evidence bag with items in it, and a toilet seat nailed to a lawn chair.

Come out, spruce up your ecological gems and save some little lives!

Toronto Event: Tommy Thompson Park
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2007
Time: 10:00am – whenever, likely noon or one
Location: Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto
Street: Base of Leslie St south of Lakeshore.
Meet: from 9:45-10am at Tim Hortons, NW corner of Leslie and Lakeshore (attached to a Wendies).

We’ll journey south to Tommy Thompson Park and start cleaning. Another group is scheduled to come in on Monday and clean from the fork forward into the lake. Garbage bags are to be left along the road in Tommy Thompson, the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority has graciously offered to pick up bagged trash (thank you Karen!!!). Recyclables are to be put in clear plastic bags provided and removed by hand.

Grubby clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
Work gloves if you have them
One garbage bag
Bottle of water (you’ll be working in the sun, don’t make me go mom on you)
Bag lunch
Rubber boots if you have them

Sign the wavers provided on site.
Be careful.
DO NOT pick up medical waste with your bare hands, these could be infected with stuff you don’t want.
WEAR GLOVES at all times.
Go slow to avoid injury.
Work in teams and keep an eye on each other.
Help catalogue the findings to report back to the clean up.

The prizes:
1st person arrival at Hortons
Strangest object found
First bag filled

Whatever you can do is exactly what you should do.
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